Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Home-school Mother Beatitudes

Blessed are you when you're at the end of your rope and don't think you can do this one moment longer. Once you've realized you can't control anything, God has a chance to takeover everything.

Blessed are you when you've given up your comfort, your tidy house, privacy in your own bathroom, and a glamorous career. Without those false identities and comforts, you can now fully embrace the Lord.

Blessed are you when you realize your kids may never speak three languages by age ten like Susan's kids can, may never be the star player, that you may never complete all those lesson plans by May and your house may never be Pinterst-worthy -- and that's OK. This is the moment you find yourself only wanting exactly what you already have.

Blessed are you when you desperately hope that your hours of devotion and bible study and crying out to God will pay off. You will not go unsatisfied.

Blessed are you when you don't even mention to your husband the dirty socks he left in the living room floor (again) or lose your patience with the child who struggled for two hours to learn fractions with tears in his eyes; at this moment you will also experience the gentleness of the Lord towards you.

Blessed are you when, even in this mess of a world, you set your heart on thankfulness and gratitude. You will begin to see God in even the dirty dishes, the piles of laundry, and the boys roughhousing in the hallway.

Blessed are you when you've calmly said, "Honey, be kind to your brother, please," for the fiftieth time today. You know that you are reflecting your Heavenly Father.

Blessed are you when your family members demean your decision to leave you career and home-school your children, or when other parents and school officials turn their noses up at your lifestyle. This only drives you closer to the Lord; and when the Lord is all you have, you discover that he is all you need!

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